2015 New Charity Program Line Up Announced

We are excited to announce a 2015 line up of new charity programs and a refreshed website for Sydney Street Choir.

The Sydney Street Choir is capitalising on the collaborative partnership with PAYCE to launch a number of initiatives and expand on some of the exciting work the Sydney Street Choir is involved in.

From working more closely with the corporate sector to increase corporate performances, to initiating a program for corporate singing workshops and new opportunities for greater corporate sponsorship, we will be focusing in 2015 on opening channels for long term support from Sydney’s business community.

On an individual level, the Sydney Street Choir will also be launching a ‘Friends of Sydney Street Choir’ membership. With membership costing the same as one cup of coffee a month, the program allows everyday individuals to easily give to this worthwhile program, helping empower and enrich the lives of those in need of the social and emotional benefits the Choir provides.

The Sydney Street Choir is also planning to expand the school performance program it had initiated in recent years. The Sydney Street Choir school program has proven to deliver significant results by helping to enlighten school children on the plight of some of the less fortunate people in our community and the merits of giving and compassion. We would like to see the program expanded across Sydney schools.

To find out more about these programs, please click on the relevant link/s in the menu above.

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