About SSC Foundation

Although the Sydney Street Choir has been operating as a community based choir for over ten years, the Sydney Street Choir Foundation was not formed until 2010. The Foundation’s role is to provide administrative, legal, governance, and financial support to the Choir to keep the Choir programme alive and well.

The objective (both long and short term) of the Sydney Street Choir Foundation is to operate a choir for the principal purpose of benefitting people experiencing disadvantage (whether due to homelessness, poverty, mental Illness, depression or otherwise) through social interaction and community building.

Sydney Street Choir Foundation is a registered charity with tax-deductible status. A small volunteer board manages the Choir programme by providing professional skills.

Current Board of Directors:

Ashley Dayman – Chairman & Company Secretary, Bachelor of laws (Hons), Bachelor of Arts

Ashley Dayman was appointed Director on 14 April 2010 and Secretary on 23 February 2012. Mr Dayman was a special counsel at Minter Ellison lawyers until 19 July 2013, having been a lawyer with Minter Ellison since 2000. He was first admitted as a legal practitioner in 1997 and between then and 2000 worked in a number of private and government legal roles. In addition to acting as Chairman of the Directors, Mr Dayman from time to time assists Sydney Street Choir Foundation with various legal matters on a pro bono basis.

James Paul – Choir Director, BA, MMus 

James Paul was appointed Choir Director on 2 March 2011. As Choir Director, Mr Paul’s responsibilities include rehearsing, preparing and directing the Choir at weekly rehearsals and at performances as required. Mr Paul is an experienced choir director, music educator and performer. In addition to being the Choir Director of the Choir, he is (and has been) the Choir Director of various other community and high school choirs in Sydney. Mr Paul also regularly teaches music to people with disabilities, young offenders in the prison system, people with mental health issues and children in disadvantaged areas. He also mentors school teachers in music education in the NSW public school system.

Laurie Brackenreg – Director, Company Secretary and Treasurer, Bachelor of Business (Accounting), Management Certificate (NSW Institute of Technology)

Laurie Brackenreg was appointed Director on 14 April 2010 and Secretary on 17 September 2013. Mr Brackenreg Is responsible for keeping Sydney Street Choir Foundation’s financial records, preparing its accounts and other accounting information and advising the Board on financial matters. Mr Brackenreg was the administrator for HopeStreet Urban Compassion (from 2006 until 2013) and was a Management Accountant at Edgell Birds Eye Foods for 13 years and at Melosi Fine Foods for five years along with being the Financial Controller of Impresstik Pty Ltd for 10 years.

Emma Barnett – Welfare Director(Bachelor of Behavioural Science, DIploma of Community Services (Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Work)

Emma Barnett was appointed  Director on 25 July 2014. Ms Barnett has been working In the field of homelessness for the past ten years In the Redfern, Woolloomooloo and Surry Hills areas of Inner City Sydney as well as In the greater city of london In the United Kingdom. Ms Barnett is currently employed as the Manager of the Early Intervention and Prevention services at Wesley Mission In Sydney and the Central Coast. Ms Barnett advises the Board on welfare and community services matters. Each of the above named persons held office during the entire financial year and since the end of the financial year, with the exception of Ms Emma Barnett who was appointed a director on 25 July 2014 after the end of the financial year.

Sydney Street Choir Foundation relies on donations, community partners, sponsors, patrons and grants to help fund the programme.

Sydney Street Choir Foundation ABN 95 143 121 484 is a not for profit organisation and holds a NSW charitable fundraising authority (CFN/214911)