About Sydney Street Choir

Sydney Street Choir is a singing community formed to support those who are homeless and/or disadvantaged by providing them with a therapeutic musical program which promotes social skills, independence and self- management, including the management of their own finances, transportation, housing and health issues.

The Choir’s performances are inspirational and uplifting as they share their stories of triumph over adversity through joining the program with a range of audiences.

The Choir has been running since 2001. It was created by Jonathon Welch (Choir of Hard Knocks) and it is the longest running choir programme of its type in Australia.

The aim of the choir is ‘to connect with, inspire and empower those who are living or working in homeless or disadvantaged communities through creating music, performance and passionate expression that truly opens people’s hearts.’

It is, in essence, a music therapy program, often making the difference between isolation and interaction.