Become a Sponsor

The Sydney Street Choir is looking for new corporate sponsors to help the Choir achieve major projects such as performances for charity, concert tours, expansion of Choir services and new CD releases.

The Sydney Street Choir program has played an integral role in changing lives and building social and emotional connections between men and women whose lives are often a struggle.

The members of Sydney Street Choir have joined the Choir because of their love of music and its positive influence in their lives. Through the choir they find joy, a connection to society and an opportunity to experience something beyond their own struggles with homelessness and disadvantage. Choir gigs enable choir members to use their talents and abilities to “give back” to a society where often they are made to feel they have no worth.

Your financial support can help this worthwhile charity as it assists Sydney’s less fortunate members of society to find peace and feel empowered.

With almost no administrative overheads, 98% of the funds received go directly towards the Choir’s charitable work in supporting its performers.

Sydney Street Choir Foundation is a not for profit organisation with a NSW charitable fundraising authority (CFN/214911) and is endorsed by the Australian Tax Office as a deductible gift recipient, so your donations are tax deductible!

If you would like to discuss how your organisation can benefit from becoming a corporate sponsor of Sydney Street Choir and the opportunities available to showcase your company’s social philanthropy, please submit your interest via the link below.