James Paul

Choir Director

James Paul, Choir Director

James Paul is a music educator, choir director, composer and performer with a diverse background including conducting choirs, teaching music in schools, creating and directing musical and theatrical shows, running music therapy groups, composing music for choirs and orchestras, and performing internationally as a singer and instrumentalist.

James currently conducts a dozen choirs in Sydney, including the Sydney Street Choir, the Sutherland Shire Choral Society, the Riverwood Community Choir, the Telopea Youth Choir, as well as running choir programs in 4 schools.

James has previously taught music at Juvenile Justice centres around Sydney, targeting young people at risk and/or with mental health issues and created and conducted a choir for young people with Downs Syndrome. He has also created choral programs in numerous public schools across NSW and loves nothing more than creating music in a fun, supportive and nurturing environment.