SSC Schools Program

Sydney Street Choir has worked with a number of Sydney schools to deliver joint performances at school events and various school music festivals for a number of years.

This program provides opportunities for creating beautiful musical collaborations between the Sydney School Choir performers and individual school student choirs.

More importantly, the SSC Schools Program delivers a high level of social awareness across entire school communities.

By working closely with the Choir, students gain a unique and personal appreciation of people in our society who are living in less fortunate circumstances. The experience delivers to the students, the teachers and the greater school community a profound emotional connection and a greater empathy for those in need in our community – people who have experienced or are currently living with the threat of homelessness and social dislocation.

Thank you so much for a wonderful performance from the Sydney Street Choir last week. It was a very special and memorable occasion for our students and staff and I hope you can come again! We look forward to maintaining our contact with you and the Choir and the extraordinary resilience and positivity you are able to bring to our community. Please pass on our appreciation to your choristers and the accompanying carers. Kate Seale - Director of Community & Service Learning at Wenona School

Click to catch a glimpse of the Choir in action and if you would like to book the Choir for a School visit, please leave your details and we’ll be in touch!