SSC Schools Program

Discover Your Own Voice

Recently, the Sydney Street Choir has partnered with the Coca-Cola Australia Foundation to deliver singing workshops across Sydney High Schools aimed at building self-esteem, encouraging self-expression and empowering young people to find their inner voice, in a positive, uplifting and non-judgmental environment. Additionally, the program aims to educate young people about the issues of mental health and homelessness.
Further, the workshop addresses the issues of homelessness and social disadvantage by exploring how music allows people to come together, and to form connections, in an enriching and celebratory way. We discuss the immense benefit music can have on mental health, and give the choir members a chance to share their personal experiences and backgrounds with the students.
To find out more about the Discover Your Own Voice workshops or to get involved please email or contact Lance Brooks, Sydney Street Choir Schools Program Project Coordinator, directly on 02 8088 7747

Thank you so much for a wonderful performance from the Sydney Street Choir last week. It was a very special and memorable occasion for our students and staff and I hope you can come again! We look forward to maintaining our contact with you and the Choir and the extraordinary resilience and positivity you are able to bring to our community. Please pass on our appreciation to your choristers and the accompanying carers. Kate Seale - Director of Community & Service Learning at Wenona School