Corporate Workshops

Corporate environments can be stressful, with staff sometimes feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from their colleagues. In attempting to manage personal workloads, employees can become fixated on individual objectives regardless of what an organisation’s overall goals may be or what pressures other departments may be facing.

This path for an organisation can easily lead to departments and employees working in silos rather than performing as an efficient and collaborative team or, in acute circumstances, staff becoming disenchanted due to high stress and lack of social interaction.

Scientific research has proven team building to have measurable, positive effects on team performance and work satisfaction.

The Sydney Street Choir Corporate Workshops Program offers a unique team building model that allows organisations to bring staff together in a bonding program that embraces joy, self expression and community.

Employees, especially those with a passion for music, are able to join colleagues from across your work force and, as a team, express themselves vocally.

Working alongside the Sydney Street Choir can deliver an eye opening and memorable experience for employees, creating greater social awareness, empathy for others and an opportunity to step away from the usual work chores and share a unique and memorable experience with colleagues.

The Sydney Street Choir Corporate Workshop Program includes 3 x 1 hr sessions plus a performance before the entire organisation. Customized programs can be created to suit individual organisational needs. Please click here to fill out the Contact form and a member of the Sydney Street Choir Foundation will be in touch.