How can you support The choir?

You can support Sydney Street Choir by offering your services by joining one of the following groups.

Our musical volunteers are an important part of the Street Choir family. Volunteer musicians attend rehearsals and performances, accompanying the choir and helping out where they can.

Our current musical volunteers are Graham Jacups (violin), David Richardson (guitar) and Patty Zancanaro (guitar).

We have also been luckily enough to have the following singers generously give their time to sing with the choir:

Dami Im, Deni Hines, Paulini, Angry Anderson, Leo Sayer, The Idea of North, Jeff Duff, James Valentine, Jonathon Welch, Jeremy Brennan, Tanya Sparke, Gabrie’s Big Band, Denis Langley Quartet, Mark Trevorrow, Frank Ifield, Normie Rowe, and Little Pattie.

To help the Choir members learn their song parts quickly, and stay in tune, we invite regular volunteer singers to join the Choir at weekly rehearsals and gigs. Singing volunteers must commit to most rehearsals and gigs to support the Choir members well in their parts.

Our current singing volunteers include Margaret Frith.

Sometimes issues arise at Choir that prevent the members participating fully in the programme. People with experience or qualifications in welfare work are invited to support the Choir members at weekly rehearsals, gigs and during tours and productions and they may be able to support the Choir and other volunteers with first aid skills and/or OH&S training.

Our current welfare volunteers include Lesley Potter.

Sydney Street Choir Foundation manages volunteers, publicity, fundraising and governance for the Choir. If you have management and/or admin skills and experience, the Foundation would like to hear from you.

“In 2002 I found out about the Sydney Street Choir in the Big Issue Australia magazine. I wanted to learn more about singing and developing as a singer. I feel really great singing with the other choir members. I have lived on the streets for twelve years. I am stolen generation and was taken at 3 years old.”

- Charles // choir member
Volunteer for Sydney street choir