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    Sydney Street Choir 2022 Corporate Challenge

    POSTED 11th November 2022

    The Sydney Street Choir's 2022 Corporate Challenge was an incredible success, with over 150 singers on the amphitheatre stage of Martin Place, singing...

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    Sydney Street Choir seeking new Welfare Director

    POSTED 2nd November 2022

    The Street Choir has recently expanded its social welfare assistance program to its members, and the Board of the Sydney Street Choir Foundation...

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    Our 20th Anniversary concert

    POSTED 7th June 2022

    The Street Choir is proud to have celebrated two decades of making a real impact in the lives of those who have experienced...

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    A Christmas season to remember

    POSTED 17th January 2022

    The Choir was so excited to have performed many times over this year's Christmas seasons, spreading their joy to thousands of audience members...

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    The Sydney Street Choir launches our new choir program at the Dillwynia Women's Prison!

    POSTED 4th June 2021

    The Street Choir is so excited to announce that we have begun our latest choir program - this time we are bringing singing...

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    What a start to 2021!

    POSTED 7th May 2021

    After a difficult 2020, when the choir transitioned to online rehearsals, phone hook-ups and socially-distanced outdoor rehearsals, the choir has emerged bigger and...

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    Our first online Corporate Challenge a great success!

    POSTED 7th December 2020

    After months of online rehearsals with our Corporate Choir partners, the Sydney Street Choir was so excited and proud to present our first...

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    A Tassie trip of a lifetime!

    POSTED 10th February 2019

    The Sydney Street Choir, led by Director James Paul, aims to empower its members by providing them with a safe and nurturing environment...

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    Sydney Street Choir gives spirited performance alongside pop stars at Sydney Opera House

    POSTED 22nd July 2015

    The uplifting event announced the Sydney Street Choir’s exciting new corporate, education and charity patronage programs, new website and Foundation Partnership with leading...

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    Announcing new corporate partnership with PAYCE

    POSTED 5th May 2015

    PAYCE will provide financial and corporate support through the year and work collaborately with the Sydney Street Choir Foundation (SSCF) to develop a...