Our Dillwynia Women's Prison Choir program has been launched!

The Street Choir is so excited to announce that we have begun our latest choir program - this time we are bringing singing and joy to the inmates at the Dillwynia Women's Prison. This is such an exciting program, because it brings hope, joy and community to those most in need.

Our choir conductor, Rachel Harding will be running the choir each week at Dillwynia, building relationships with the inmates. We then hope that inmates will join the Sydney Street Choir upon release, so that they can join our musical community and access the Social Welfare support that we can offer.

This is such a great example of building strong and resilient communities through the power of song!

Here is a lovely pic of our Director James Paul with Rachel Harding who will be conducting the choir at Dillwynia (we can't take photos inside the prison for security reasons).